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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CD Review: Bek Ofis - For The Truth You Must Fight

Bek Ofis - For The Truth You Must Fight
2006, Bek Ofis - Czech Republic

And if I were to tell you that some of the best Brit-Pop going was coming out of Prague? Nuts, am I? Then you need to check out Bek Ofis' For The Truth You Must Fight. Combining a guitar-rock oriented song, and a singer who sounds like a Adult Contemporary Geddy Lee, Bek Ofis has a winning sound that should make them darlings of the international rock scene.

Bek Ofis is the brainchild of Jan J. Nedved, who also sings lead vocals and plays acoustic six-string. I Can See is an absolute GEM of a song, with lyric guitar work and Nedved's signature vocals. Other highlights include 7th Cloud and Get Away. Be sure to check out Stay and My Unwritten Poem as well.

Bek Ofis should have the room to grow their fan base through Europe based on their sound. They have the potential to be a top draw here in North America as well. For The Truth You Must Fight is a more-than-worthy first effort. Check it out today!

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

You can check out Bek Ofis at or You can purchase a copy of For The Truth You Must Fight at You may purchase MP3 downloads of the album at

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