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Thursday, June 26, 2008

CD Review: Worth Dying For - Worth Dying For

Worth Dying For - Worth Dying For
2008, Integrity Music

Worth Dying For is the latest entry into the movement of Christian musicians into modern/alternative rock. For many years Contemporary Christian Music was characterized by lay ministers who had more passion than musical talent. This started to change with bands like Jars Of Clay and Five Iron Frenzy, although there is still a lot of schlock out there. Worth Dying For raise the bar of musicality and hip-ness to a new level for Contemporary Christian Rock on their debut album.

Growing out of Modesto, California's Calvary Temple youth ministry, Worth Dying For harness all of the energy and grungy sheen of alternative modern rock. Combine this with lyrics that are clearly worship based and you have a new brand in CCM. On the whole this is a credible rock album, with some outstanding songs and some that do not work as well. Die To Live is a modern rock ballad (complete with layered guitars, distorted effects and the Amy Lee-like vocals of Christy Johnson) that has top-40 potential. My Only One is another highlight: a driving rock ballad that would be perfectly at home on Modern Rock stations. Other highlights include Take Me and The Change.

Worth Dying For presents as a band out to change the world, one soul at a time. That is to say, they make no bones about the evangelical and worship focus in their music. For that reason Worth Dying For will turn off some listeners. It's a definite hard sell. If you're into that, or you can set it aside, the music is definitely worthwhile. Worth Dying For is worth listening to when they hit the mark. I think some growth is still ahead of them lyrically, and there are hints of musical pathways here that have yet to be explored, yet Worth Dying For's self-titled debut is nothing short of fantastic!

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

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