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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wildy's World Top 25 CDs: Numbers 16-20

Hey!  We're back with the second installment of Wildy's World's Top 25 CDs for the first half of 2008!  And here we go...

#20Laura Joy - Six Flights"Don’t be surprised if ten or fifteen years from now, rather than hearing people describe who Laura Joy sounds like, you instead hear new artists being said to sound like Laura Joy."

#19Brother Dan Palmer - Nothin' Better Than This"This is how Brother Dan closes out the album, with a wink, a nod, and a kick in the pants... Don't pass Brother Dan by.  You'll probably never hear him on top-40 radio, but that says more about the sorry state of radio than about this fine recording."

#18Jason Yudoff - Tragic Hero"Jason Yudoff has a sound that will appeal to the masses if things break his way.   Get on the train now, and you can say you knew him when..."

#17Nicole Berke - Frondescence"Nicole Berke has a talent in offering up songs that touch on a familiar part of your consciousness and make you feel right at home... As debuts go, this is absolutely stellar.  The only concern here is what she's going to do avoid the usual sophomore jinx."

#16The Frantic - Audio & MurderThe Frantic are "one amazingly cohesive band.  The musicianship is outstanding; the playing tight.  This is music that will make you want to mosh the night away."Stay tuned, tomorrow we continue our trip down to #1 with CDs #11-15!  Until then, as always...Be well.Wildy

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