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Friday, June 27, 2008

Wildy's World Top 25 CDs: The Final Five

Here it is folks. You've been waiting five whole days to find out who will be #1, so you can be impatient and skip to the end of the post and find out. Or you can practice a little self control and wait for it... :)

Honestly, once you get down into the top 6 it becomes a matter of mood on a given day. I've rearranged these several times and listened to the top 6 albums several times over in the past couple of weeks trying to find an edge or a reason to change. This list I am comfortable with today, but ask me again in a few weeks and there could be swap here or there.

So with that qualifier, and without further a do...


The Hollyfelds - Saratoga
The Hollyfelds are perhaps one of the finest working alt-country bands I've come across at any time. Their musical vision is a thing of beauty, and their execution is perfect. I'd put my money down for a Hollyfelds recording anytime.


Mike Ford - Canada Needs You, Volume 2
Mike Ford has been writing and performing great songs for years, both on his own and with Moxy Fruvous. He is one of the true gems of Modern Canadian music. Even though the subject matter in his songs does not tread the beaten paths of pop music, he is an incredible songwriter and a prima performer.


Woodward - But Your Kids Are Gonna Love It
Woodward has it all. Incredible sound, amazing songs and a feeling like they were born to do this. For pure entertainment value, this was the best CD I've heard all year.


Tally Hall - Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum
Tally Hall made the jump from Indie to Major Label (Atlantic Records) in 2008. Atlantic released this disc, originally recorded in 2005 by the band, without changes (other than perhaps some remastering). This may well be the Sergeant Pepper of this generation.


Jason Plumb & The Willing - Beauty In This World
Jason Plumb is a sorely undervalued talent in his home country of Canada, and is virtually unknown in the United States and beyond. This is odd, because he is probably one of the finest songwriters of his generation. Shaking off his old band, The Waltons, for The Willing, seems to have set Jason completely free. This album is a work of art.

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