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Saturday, June 14, 2008

CD Review: Ann Blair - Wanted You To Know

Ann Blair – Wanted You To Know
2006, Blairsong

Ann Blair’s website calls her “A Metropolitan Pop Girl – Lost in a country world”. This is a very fair and accurate description of the music of Ann Blair. While her backing band is a solid country outfit that observes all the appropriate forms, Ann Blair is at heart, a pop songwriter. Wanted You To Know is full of uplifting messages and sweet melodies, all delivered by the pleasant voice of Ann Blair.

This is a pleasant, get to know you album from Ann Blair. There’s not really anything in particular that makes this stand out however. The songwriting is solid, the musicianship is strong. As stated above, Ms. Blair’s voice is pleasant to listen to, but I didn’t find any real wow factor here that makes me want to listen to it compulsively. Song highlights include Daddy’s Car (for fans of NASCAR and particularly Danica Patrick), Bottles – N – Bruises (domestic violence) and Love You, By The Way.

This is the sort of disc that I could see pulling out once in a while to listen to. I think it would be a worthwhile addition to any collection, but not top of the list. There’s just not a lot of tension or dynamic to make this truly interesting or intriguing. A nice effort nonetheless.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Ann Blair at, where you can order a copy of Wanted You To Know. You can also purchase a copy of the CD at Please note that $1.00 from each CD sold will be donated to a domestic violence organization.

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