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Friday, June 20, 2008

CD Review: Christina Kowalchuk - How Much Noise

Christina Kowalchuk - How Much Noise
2008, Christina Kowalchuk

Take a powerhouse voice with a sense of humor, add in some of the best of The San Francisco Bay area musicians, great songwriting and monkey noises, and you're in for the treat that is Christina Kowalchuk's debut album.  How Much Noise runs the gamut from blazing Indie Rock to vulnerable ballad, with the aforementioned primate communications thrown in the middle. 

I found this album to be enjoyable, but it did not make a strong impression on me.  Christina Kowalchuk has a very pleasant, listenable voice.  The band here is tight and very proficient at what they do.  The material is average-plus, with a couple of standout tracks thrown in.  The title track, How Much Noise is perhaps the star of the album.  Sweet On You has the vulnerable desperation that comes with unrequited love and self-awareness.  Lucky You is also a must-hear.  To be fair, the album gets better as it goes on.  In the end, it's a decent effort. 

Christina Kowalchuk has obvious talent, both in the performing realm and the songwriting realm.  How Much Noise is a pleasant listen that you will find enjoyable.  Whether it gets a lot of attention after the first few listens will depend on whether you connect to the recording.  Personally I did not, but it will find its audience. 

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5) 

You can learn more about Christina Kowalchuk at  You can purchase a copy of How Much Noise at

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