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Friday, June 13, 2008

CD Review: Mindwalk Blvd - Paint The Seconds

Mindwalk Blvd - Paint The Seconds
2008, Mindwalk Blvd

Mindwalk Blvd has created one of the finest recordings of progressive/melodic heavy metal I've heard in some time. Paint The Seconds is replete with great songs, soaring harmonies and driving guitar built to blow out your speakers. Imagine taking the sounds of early RATT, mixing in Styx or Yes-like harmonies and melodic lyricism, and just a dose of Cinderella-style glam, and you're walking down Mindwalk Blvd. In spite of all the 1980's references, Paint The Seconds comes off as a thoroughly modern album.

The album opens with Beside Me, a straightforward rocker built on a nasty guitar riff. The song evolves into chorus that sounds like something the Tommy Shaw-led Styx might record. The song rocks from beginning to end and is an appropriate bell weather of the sound put forth by Mindwalk Blvd. Sometimes alternates between quite verses and heavy rock choruses. Away is a rocker's delight, with some of the most inspired guitar work you'll hear this year. Patriot is another highlight, and probably the heaviest song on the album.

And just to show Mindwalk Blvd isn't all blood and guts, Crimson Sunset is a classic rocker ballad, featuring acoustic guitar and the distinctive lead vocals of Jordan Ferreira. The harmonies here are absolutely gorgeous. This is the sort of song that in the days of rock singles might have bought the band several mansions. As it is, it is the most radio-ready of the songs on Paint The Seconds, and deserves a proper hearing on popular radio. Paint The Seconds closes with Stop Down, which is another classic guitar-driven melodic hard rock song.

What's most interesting about Mindwalk Blvd is that if you listen closely to the song composition, the music is extremely complex and interesting. Despite all of the amplifier fire here, I would not be surprised to learn that one or more members are classically trained musicians with significant music theory knowledge. This is a musician's album above all things, but is accessible to all. That all said, it is mind boggling that these guys are only between 13 and 16 years old!

Mindwalk Boulevard would have been international superstars in 1980's. Whether today's music market will bring the same ardor is hard to say, but they certainly deserve your undivided attention. Don't be surprised if some day you're getting in line to buy tickets for their 20th anniversary tour.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Mindwalk Blvd at, where you can purchase a copy of Paint The Seconds. Also worth noting, Mindwalk Blvd was recently picked by VH1 and Jon Anderson of Yes to be one of the three finalists in the national "Your Move With Yes" contest. Unfortunately the contest itself was cancelled due to Jon Anderson’s recent respiratory illness and the subsequent cancellation of Yes’ 40th Anniversary Tour.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! I stumbled upon Tyler Hudson (Drummer)on youtube and then proceeded on to the "Mindwalk Blvd" site. These kids are AMAZING! They have SO much talent and an awesome sound. I'm buying their CD and downloading all their songs that I can. I hope more people discover them and that they get more national attention.