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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CD Review: Shapes - Get Your Learn On

Shapes - Get Your Learn On
2008, Godmonkey Recordings, UK

Shapes are a progressive/punk power trio that just got together in late 2007. They already have a fair amount of touring in the UK under their belt. On Get Your Learn On, Shapes reveal themselves as the ultimate human figure, fishing stark and surprising beauty out of the fissures of imperfection.

Get Your Learn On draws on elements of Punk and Progressive Rock. I have mixed feelings about this record, as Shapes is incredibly talented as a unit, but I do not enjoy the vocals style they employ (several members talk/singing at once throughout most of the vocals of each song). For me, this distracts from the music, which is amazing.

Check out guitarist Steven Bachelor if you ever wondered what it would sound like if Steve Howe did punk rock. This guy is amazing, and will turn you in knots trying to follow what he's going. Dreams In Twisted Fuse is the absolute highlight of the album, and this is where Bachelor is at his most creative.

Overall, Get Your Learn On is a very impressive album. I don't enjoy the vocals much for the reasons I stated above, but that's not to say they may not appeal to a wider audience. The real gem here is the guitar playing of Steven Bachelor. This makes Get Your Learn On, and Shapes, a must hear.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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