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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pre-Screening Through SonicBids!

Here at Wildy's World we listen to every submission we receive, and as long as we can find something positive to write about we'll write a review about your CD or DVD. In the six months we've been doing this we've only chosen not to review three recordings (versus 140 or so reviews written). Nevertheless, there is always a very small chance that a review might not happen.

To minimize the already chance of this, we have partnered with Sonicbids to allow for artists to submit their Sonicbids EPK to Wildy's World for pre-screening. There is a cost for this service, but it's all Sonicbids -- Wildy's World does not profit from it in any way. You can always just e-mail me and ask me to check out your page or profile in advance as well. The difference is that if you are accepted via Sonicbids you are GUARANTEED a review on Wildy's World.

Okay, kind of hokey, I know, but there is a benefit to those of you that perhaps have not ventured onto Sonicbids yet. The cost to submit for pre-screening through Sonicbids is $2.00. If you do not have a Sonicbids EPK already, you can sign up and get three months worth of the service, plus submit for pre-screening to Wildy's World for $6.95. I do not know what the regular rate is, but there is a savings involved.

Sonicbids is a great networking site for bands/artists who are promoting themselves. You can be considered for gigs (including big time festivals/events like the Vans Warped Tour, The Independent Music Awards, The International Songwriting Competition amd Unisong.

Once again, Wildy's World doesn't make a cent off of this (or anything else, for that matter). We're in it for the music and to see great musicians get a little press along the way. But of the sites out there that actually offer bang for the buck they charge, Sonicbids is one of the better ones.

So if you want to submit for pre-screening through Sonicbids, or if you want to take advantage of this special offer through Wildy's World, please check out the Sonicbids Wildy's World Opportunity!

Or if you need the URL, here it is:

And yes, you can just e-mail us for the submission address and do this the old-fashioned way!

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Anonymous said...

Well Wildy picked me to review through Sonicbids, so I'm glad I joined!!
Thanks Wildy!
Michael Marton.