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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

CD Review: JD & The Straight Shot - Right On Time

JD & The Straight Shot - Right On Time
2008, JD Records/Fontana Distribution

Jim Dolan (JD) has been married to his guitar since the age of 15.  When most of us who picked up a guitar at that age were starting to put them down to go do other things, JD was working that much harder to master the art.  The dividends over the years have been worthwhile, but really started to pay off in 2006 when JD & The Straight Shot were picked to perform as special guests on Joe Walsh's North American Tours.  Mixing blues and rock and roll in a sound reminiscent of early Rhythm & Blues, JD & The Straight Shot manage to put a modern twist on good roots Rock N Roll.  On their second release, Right On Time, JD & The Straight Shot rock it for they're worth. 

Highlights include Long White Cadillac, a barrelhouse tune if there ever were one, replete with rinky-dink piano stylings, classic blues foundation and Hammond B-3 style organ.  Jim Dolan comes across as a cross between George Thorogood and Johnny Cash, and he is in fine form here.  Slow Motion In Reverse features the inimitable Joe Walsh on lead guitar, and Robert Randolph sits in on pedal steel for A Train's A ComingLeap Of Faith may be my favorite tune here, recalling the best of the Stax/Volt sessions.   Also check out Lie No Better, with hot harmonica and gospel harmonies backing it all up.

Right On Time should appeal to blues fans and rock fans alike, regardless of generation.  Whatever your inclination, before you're done, you'll be asking JD & The Straight Shot to "double your order". 

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

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