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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wildy's World Top 25 CDs: Numbers 11-15

Ten down, 15 more to go til #1, folks!  We resume the Wildy's World Top 25 CDs of 2008 with...

Sugar Blue - Code Blue
"At the end of the day you have to acknowledge people like John Popper and Taylor for keeping the Blues Harmonica alive in pop music, but they wouldn't exist without someone like Sugar Blue."

#14Parlour Steps - Ambiguoso
"Parlous Steps’ Amiguoso is anything but – it is a distinctive and delightfully thought-provoking CD."

#13Maria DeMaio - Maria DeMaio
"Maria DeMaio is more than just a blues-rock maven, but is an artist who can stretch and grow beyond the mold that she is obviously comfortable with (and so good at)."

#12Ron Hawkins - Chemical Sounds

"Hawkins has always shown a maturity beyond his years as a lyricist.  On Chemical Sounds he takes a turn toward even greater depth."


Nate & Kate - Fame By Frame

"This is an absolute keeper; a desert island disc.  Nate Marshall’s songwriting rivals that of Jesse Harris of the aforementioned Once Blue... Kate is the perfect counter and harmonic balance... I can’t recommend this strongly enough."

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Anonymous said...

Wildy knows best! Keep up the good work, and sound guidance.