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Thursday, June 26, 2008

CD Review: Wendy St. Kitts - Woman Empowered

Wendy St. Kitts - Woman Empowered
2008, Wendy St. Kitts

The Voice. With Wendy Kitts it's all about The Voice. Woman Empowered is euphemistically orchestrated -- the music that underlies the voice of Wendy St. Kitts quickly becomes an afterthought. The producers must have recognized this early on, and offered up a reserved yet high quality perch from which Wendy St. Kitts' voice could fly.

Starting off with The Voice, Wendy St. Kitts lays down a path through R&B music that touches on a multitude of styles. The music and instrumentation is top quality, but kept in reserve as a foil to the big, inspiring voice of Wendy St. Kitts. Songs such as Should I Love Him Or Walk Away are a breath of fresh air. The song is built on swing beat and a simply piano foundation that serves as the perfect counterpoint to St. Kitt's melodious alto. Treasure inspires a dance groove with its island influence and frenetic piano. The Guitarist (You Don't Know Me) rides a jazz bass line and some of the tastiest guitar riffs this side of New Orleans.

Woman Empowered is a strong album from front to back. Give it a listen; it'll be worth your time.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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