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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wildy's World Top 25 CDs: Numbers 21 - 25

Hello everyone! Welcome to the inaugural Wildy's World Top 25! This list is comprised of the 25 (26) best CDs I've reviewed in the first half of 2008. It is not conditional on when the CD was release, simply on when I reviewed it (although I did disqualify one release from 1995 on general principles. We'll do this twice a year and then compile an annual list. This is my way of giving another shout out to the best and brightest material that comes across my desk every year. The artists deserve it!

Each album will be listed with artwork, and a quote from the original review. If you click on the band name you will be magically transported by the internet gnomes to the original review! The original review will have all of the artist website information you could possibly ever need or want!

So today we are talking about numbers 21-25. We'll be publishing in five installments over the next 5-7 days, so keep checking back to see if you're favorite (or you) made the top-25! We have a tie for the 25th slot (because I just couldn't decide in the end). Are you ready? Awaaaaay we go!


Sailing To Rome - An Outline For Reason
"An Outline For Reason is the kind of debut that can push a band to stardom with the right breaks, and should serve as a reminder to the world that there's a whole lot more to Buffalo than snow and chicken wings."

#25 (tie)

James Brown Car Alarm - The Roots
"James Brown Car Alarm is too talented to stay small. Check them out before they get too popular to be hip."


Omar Torrez Band - The Beat Outside
"The Beat Outside dips so deeply into various ethnic and stylistic wells that it is ultimately nothing other than American, and a sterling example at that!"


Doug Sedgwick - Committed
"Committed is a dazzling display of songwriting talent and chameleon-like performance acumen. Sedgwick has a homey, comfortable voice that slips over a song like a favorite sweater. His guitar-work is amazing... There are no weak points here, just the usual highs and lows that are the trademark of a running conversation with an old friend."


Fourwayfree - Deeper
" Fourwayfree is a musician’s band; a lyricist/poet’s band; the whole package. From simple ballads to lush, layered musical constructs to intricate guitar work, the songs brought forth by Fourwayfree on Deeper are musical gems."


Peter Bloom Band - Random Thoughts (from a paralyzed mind)
"Peter Bloom is a singular talent. His Americana infused pop-rock should bring him much success in a perfect world."

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