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Monday, December 21, 2009

2009 Coming To A Close

What you're seeing today folks, are our final reviews for 2009. Over the next 10 days we'll be unveiling our Top 50 albums of the year as well as our Top 10 EPs. We'll roll them out a little at a time to keep the suspense high, and even the artists themselves don't know where they've finished. We've reviewed 972 recordings in the past 12 months, and it's been tough to pare them all down, but we've come up with a good list that's reflective of the best material we reviewed in 2009.

There are a handful of major label artists on this year's countdown. As major labels have had a bit more presence on the blog this year we felt it appropriate to include them, but the high quality of the Indie music world continues to win out over the major labels, and that's reflected in our charts as well. Today I'll be sharing with you albums #41-50 in just a simple list. These are the folks who made the final tally, but there were a bunch of other worthy artists/bands in the running. You can click on the link for each to catch the original Wildy's World Review.

For the rest of the week we'll provide you with a little more information on the band/album. Today is just to whet your collective whistles. Without further adieu...

50. Atoosa Grey - When The Cardinals Come
49. Louder Than Love - Dark Days
48. Chris Kirby - Vampire Hotel
47. Erik Scott - Other Planets
46. Spring Creek - Way Up On A Mountain
45. Assembly Of Dust - Some Assembly Required
44. Stuart McNair - Growing A Garden
43. The Erin Hobson Compact - Talk Radio
42. Elvis Costello - Secret, Profane & Sugarcane
41. Kevin Carlson - Museum

Tomorrow we'll be back with #'s 34-40, and EPs #9 & #10. Until then...

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