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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Wildy's World Top Ten EPs of 2009 #1: Kate Miller Heidke - EP

At the end of the day, Kate Miller's Heidke's EP is just an appetizer meant to whet the whistles of North American audiences in advance of the release of Curiouser in early 2010. EP was only released digitally, and capitalizes on the popular draw of Are You F#cking Kidding Me; but Miller Heidke is a grade A talent. Aside from the You Tube sensation, Miller Heidke serves up four other songs that consist of the some of the best songwriting to land on this side of the pond in 2009. Kate Miller Heidke also has a voice that's to die for, and rounds it all out with musicianship that's undeniable.

Kate Miller Heidke's EP may have been a bit overlooked in the popular sense, but you can't help but get hooked once you hear it, and EP is Wildy's World's #1 EP of 2009.

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