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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Review: Vancouver Killing Spree - It's Not About Murder

Vancouver Killing Spree - It's Not About Murder
2009, Vancouver Killing Spree

Vancouver’s aptly named Vancouver Killing Spree takes Punk back to its roots: big and loud. The power trio with filial roots that stretch to Bad Brains, SNFU, Fu Manchu and The Dayglo Abortions rocks hard, laying riff over riff and heavy beat over heavy beat. Vancouver Killing Spree’s debut EP, It’s Not About Murder, puts it all out there; whether you like them or not, Vancouver Killing Spree will disarm you with honest Punk Rock.

Vancouver Killing Spree opens fire with Thatchie McGee, a flying-off-the-rails rocker full of frenetic guitar riffs. Wasting no time, Vancouver Killing Spree flies right into Poor Impulse Control, a high-octane ride full of funky bass work, more of the same frenetic guitar style and an almost Punk/Industrial intensity. Ball-Peen Hammer descends into guitar-driven Noize, with guitarist Brad Anderson shredding for all he's worth. Hollinger digs further into the Punk underground, relying on relentless drum beats, scathing guitar and repetition to deliver a message that isn't entirely clear. Vancouver Killing Spree closes with their signature song, VKS, vacillating between Punk and Thrash guitar styles, but letting the bass player loose on a funky solo mid-song.

It's Not About Murder is music for a mosh pit, but the lack of subtlety or real musical sense limits the market considerably for Vancouver Killing Spree (not that I think they're the least bit concerned about that). If you're looking to give yourself over to some heavy Punk rock for a little while, this is the perfect EP. If subtlety, musicality or pithy nuance are your game, don't come knocking.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Vancouver Killing Spree at or You can download It’s Not About Murder… from iTunes.

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