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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

CD Review: Kerry Leigh & Expresso Lane - Walking Through Walls

Kerry Leigh and Expresso Lane – Walking Through Walls
2006, APRA

Sydney, Australia seems to be a breeding ground of great, if unsung, musical heroes. Kerry Leigh and Expresso Lane are a Sydney-based band with influences including Chris Rea and Mark Knopfler who deserve to be heard far and wife. Their debut CD, Walking Through Walls, is an unusually poised and intelligent debut album. Smart lyrics, wonderful music arrangements and a certain spark all combine to make this disc a great listen!

If you're a Mark Knopfler fan you're going to love this disc. Kerry Leigh plays guitar with the same innate understated genius that Mark Knopfler is known for. He has a somewhat repressed delivery as a singer that works quite well for him. Little Bit Crazy is a fine example of Kerry Leigh in his element. The music is incredible; the vocals sharp and very much "on". No Lovin' is full of the gentle guitar trills that have been known to fill out Dire Straits albums over the years.

South Side is my personal favorite here, but Only Heaven Knows is a definite close second. Didn't Find It Here is an enjoyable listen, and the untitled bonus track shows that Kerry Leigh knows how to really rock, complete with Hammond B-3 effects. Kerry Leigh has made an excellent rock album, and while the sound is perhaps just a little too laid back, the overall effect is excellent.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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