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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

CD Review: Lesley Spencer - Moments Musicaux

Lesley Spencer - Moments Musicaux
2008, Lesley Spencer

Lesley Spencer is an accomplished classical pianist, composer and producer based out of Chicago, IL. Her compositions/recordings are heard regularly on NPR's Morning Edition and Weekend Edition, and has even had a composition placed in the Disney Film Stick It. She receives airplay internationally, and is acknowledge as a world class classical pianist. Spencer also has a flair for exploring melodies in a way that invites contemporary music fans to dig deeper into the classical realm. She has a gift for making classical music more accessible while staying true to the music's roots. On Moments Musicaux, Spencer presents 16 original compositions that dance, sway, twitter and spark their way into your imagination.

Moments Musicaux opens with Dance Of Life, which seems to portray the almost frantic, relentless quality that life has of reinventing and reconfiguring itself to thrive. You can almost here the musical metaphors for overcoming and becoming in every passage. The set moves on to Child's Play, which could have walked right out of a Charlie Brown cartoon (ala Schroeder). The song seems to explore the light and airy side of play, while acknowledging a darker undercurrent.

Moments Musicaux is full of highlights, from Fellini Waltz to Ode To Harry Potter to Scherzo, Spencer is on her game throughout. My personal favorite piece here is Pirouette, a dark and starkly beautiful melody over the backdrop of an incessant and plaintive waltz. If this were the only song on Moments Musicaux it would be worth purchasing, but Spencer has crafted an album full of beautiful, surprising and memorable moments.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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