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Thursday, July 31, 2008

CD Review: Soundside - Seconds From Sunrise

Soundside - Seconds From Sunrise
2008, Soundside

New York City power-pop outfit Soundside released their third album, Seconds From Sunrise in 2008. The album is a return to the edgier rock sound from 2004’s A Day Without Change (their debut). Produced by Angus Cooke (The Ataris), Seconds From Sunrise places Soundside on the cusp of breaking free from their status as a regional band.

Seconds From Sunrise opens with My Bullet, My Baby. In spite of the slightly macabre title, this is a catchy, upbeat tune that has real radio potential. It establishes the sound that Soundside presents throughout Seconds From Sunrise: Big choruses full of harmonies, dynamic bridges and a high energy level that is infectious. I personally enjoyed Great Barrier Reef, a theatric piece of balladeering that stands out mightily. The crunchy guitar-pop of In Harm's Way is also quite welcome here. These three songs demonstrate the dynamic range that Soundside is capable of, and it is a range that most modern rock bands do not approach.

Soundside is part Collective Soul, part Gin Blossoms and part Pearl Jam. Add it all together and they really do not sound like anyone else. Soundside has created its own sound that should fare very well on modern rock and/or adult-alternative radio. Other highlights on Seconds From Sunrise include Espana, Driving On Empty, Catch Phrase, and Chasing The Real.

Seconds From Sunrise is a great rock and roll album. While many bands in today's market are creating hybrid sounds to try to catch a piece of market share, Soundside shows there's still life in rock.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

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