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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

CD Review: Kaiser Cartel - March Forth

Kaiser Cartel - March Forth
2008, bluehammockmusic

Courtney Kaiser and Benjamin Cartel bring their brand of infectious pop forth from Brooklyn, NY for the world to hear. A duo that occurred almost by accident, they bring a vocal beauty and an instrumental ingenuity to popular music that one does not often find. On March Forth, the musical significant others invite you into their living room; their lives. March Forth is a bit of musical genius.

Kaiser Cartel has a laid-back ease reminiscent of early Cowboy Junkies recordings. March Forth finds them at their musical best, with songs such as Oh No, Travelling Feet, and The Flood. Season Song is a definite must-hear, with it's whistle filled chorus and gorgeous melody. Favorite Song is also worth the trip here

Kaiser Cartel is the sort of enigmatic group that could be around and playing when their kids are going to college. March Forth is emotionally strong and moving. It has flashes or moments of genius, but even when it doesn't quite get there it's still outstanding:

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about the Kaiser Cartel at You can purchase a copy of March Forth at Insound.


Anonymous said...

this is my new favorite cd - finally edging She & He outta my stereo. very very cool that you and others are discovering them. i thought they were gonna be a brooklyn/new york best kept secret...

Anonymous said...

This CD is really fun---my favorite song is probably "Oh No"-----the video is great!