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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

CD Review: Carlos Bertonatti - Times Are Good

Carlos Bertonatti - Times Are Good
2008 Epic Records/Sony ATV Publishing

Carlos Bertonatti has the right idea. Listening to tracks from the Miami singer’s Times Are Good you can easily here the pop craft that lay behind them. With slight Latin and soul influences in the background, you can almost hear the synched drum beats and canned keyboards that many producers would have packaged these songs in. Somewhere along the line someone figured out just how good these songs sounded in their raw form and decided to let them stand on their own. Carlos Bertonatti's voice and delivery over sparse drumming and acoustic guitars (with the occasional repressed Stax horns) comprises what might be the best pop album of the year thus far.

Times Are Good opens with Its So Easy, a breezy love song that has the potential to make Bertonatti a gazillionaire. Perfect Picture is a gem, with a chorus you'll be singing throughout the summer. The Little Things will have you grooving in your seat while conveying a positive message. All of these great songs aside, I would direct your attention to A Million Miles, which may just be a masterpiece in song. I suspect that if Carlos Bertonatti is still performing thirty years from now that A Million Miles may still be his encore song. It's a song of love lost in a minor key with strings, gorgeous harmonies, and kind of a wall-of-sound motif. It just doesn't get much better than this.

Still, there are other high points here: So Many Ways is an upbeat acoustic rocker, and Story Of A Little Girl is a moderate ballad about a disaffected debutante with a chorus that is unforgettable. One Two Three is another song that some producer will probably take and turn into a dance mix mega hit (rightfully so). Luckily the album version sticks with the acoustic tapestry established throughout Times Are Good, and this is a definite hit-pick.

There isn't a weak song here. I honestly don't know if Carlos Bertonatti has a weak song in him. He displays an ability to not just write lyrics but tell stories in the form of deliciously pop oriented songs that eschew the usual tricks and enhancements that take pop music away from music and closer to programming. Times Are Good is a smashing debut that has the potential to take the pop charts by storm, and is definitely a Wildy's World Desert Island Disc. As this album has now been picked up by a major label, don't be surpised if it's a #1 CD that reigns in the top 10 through the summer and into the Holiday shopping season. That aside, it's an amazing debut. Carlos Bertonatti is a major talent. Book your thirtieth anniversary tour tickets now.

Rating: 5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Carlos Bertonatti at or Carlos signed a deal with Epic and Sony ATV in 2008 to release Times Are Good as a joint venture. As of the time of this writing an official release date had not been announced, but it is expected in 2008.


Anonymous said...

I'm totally agree with your review about this guy. I found him on, after that day I've been trying to go to every concert that he does and he always makes me sing every single song.
I loves him and his music.

Anonymous said...

Carlos is amazing! Love his songs!!! I also love Summer Days!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with all you have said i heard about him through a friend and i went to some of his shows he's really amazing my girlfriend loves his songs especially It's so easy well i believe he will make it big one day and I'm glad i got the chance to see him already. He's a rising star!


Anonymous said...

His music , i have no clue , it feels like i connect! i think it has connected with many people! and keep writing more i LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

I love his voice and his looks hurt my soul. Thank you for such great review.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic review. I was privileged enough to see him live also. And I, as the rest of the crowd, was blown away.
Carlos has got 'that thing' that so many artists these days strive for.
He is a great guy and a fantastic performer. I feel honored to have been present, before he makes it big.


Anonymous said...

I love his music, it is amazing! His voice is so deep and soulful, his music gives a relaxing and quite enjoyable vibe. I've heard him through myspace and a few shows and it doesn't seem to get old. I hope he makes it big out in this music world; with all these generic, empty songs out there, he'll certainly be a fresh breath of air.


Anonymous said...

Who wouldn't agree?
Carlos Bertonatti will definitely be in the top of the charts very soon. I first heard his music a few months ago and I loved all the songs... There isn't one song that you won't like for they are all beautiful. I listen to his cd so much that I already know most of the songs, this guy is great!!!
Bertonatti has a BEAUTIFUL VOICE, its UNIQUE.
I have not been to his shows, but I am definitely looking forward to see him soon.

Thank you for such great review.

A Carlos Bertonatti's fan,

Maylin P.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am glad that the word about Carlos is getting out. He is absolutely awesome. And just like Jessica I try to go to all his concerts after I found him (or rather he found me) on MySpace.

Patty Alvarado

Anyala Krehs said...

agreed. carlos is great, i can't wait for his cocoa beach concert. his music is relaxing but upbeat. i love his stuff.

Anonymous said...

Wow I couldn't have said it better myself. His music is great and it is relaxing as well as it makes you feel good. I love what his songs have to say and the message they convey! Keep it up Carlos!!! I will be there at your 30th tour!!

Love much!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great review. Carlos' album is great. He is such a talented singer/songwriter. He found me through myspace and i've been to a ton of his shows. He's great live, and he's a really nice person. He's gonna go really far!

- Madeline

Anonymous said...

He is great man!
Gotta love him


Anonymous said...

He is by far the sexiest voice I've heard in so long...I love his music and the songs are beyond moving...they transport you to that place you wish you were at all day!

Muchos Besitos Carlos desde Cali!

Anonymous said...

When it comes to Carlos, you hit the nail on the head. He is truly and inspiring young man that will definitely go far. His music is great and his voice is just amazing. I think that more than his favulous music and voice, Carlos is a very seet and caring person. His smile just lights up the room. I am sure many, many years from now we will see the reap of all his hard work. One thing I will say is that he will have my support. Congrats Carlos!

Anonymous said...

This guy has had 42 sitations in Miami and last sunday he killed a man on a bike while driving drunk. He took off with the man's bike under his car and was arrested by the police. Times are good - no more.