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Monday, November 24, 2008

Review: Everett Fox Band - Everett Fox Band

Everett Fox Band – Everett Fox Band
2008, Everett Fox

The Everett Fox Band is Everett Fox on vox/keys and Dave Salce on percussion. The New York City duo draws from classical, rock and folk for inspiration. The band’s eponymous release (their 2nd) arrived in 2008 meeting with much anticipation.

Opening with Beautiful World, the Everett Fox Band makes an untidy yet somewhat fun mess of U2’s brand of pop/electronica. The song is campy and undisciplined yet an enjoyable listen. Next up is Here I’m Walking, a song that is just way too formulaic for its own good. Conditional is an unusual tune with some unique harmonies and chord progressions. Much of Everett Fox Band was not dramatically distinguishable from a lot of organic/electronic music in the marketplace. The energy level here is way too low at times, and it’s a rough crowd.

The Everett Fox Band is a young band that’s still a little too inward focused to really interact successfully in the music marketplace. They’ll find an audience, perhaps even a highly dedicated following, but EFB would seriously benefit from additional personnel to up the creative tension and energy. There are flashes of what EFB does really well, but at this point they are merely flashes.

Rating: 2 Stars (Out of 5)

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