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Monday, November 10, 2008

Review: Jackie Morris - Money To Burn

Jackie Morris – Money To Burn
2008, Button Box Records

Jackie Morris has come a long way from her working class immigrant roots in Queens, NY, but it’s quite evident she’s never forgotten where she came from. Morris recalls her parents stories and songs as primary influences on her development and presumably her songwriting. Morris plays folk music that’s informed by a wealth of different styles, with lyrics that are in turn touching, funny, poignant and authentic. Morris’ 2nd album, Money To Burn contains 13 musical vignettes that will put you at ease right away. If you’re a Christine Lavin fan you’ll love Jackie Morris.

Money To Burn opens with Apache, a buddy song about one of Morris’ friends and her horse. It’s a surprisingly touching turn to start out the album. Solitary Socks is a witty ditty about a sock losing it’s mate. Bad News Train is a country-rock tune with a little bit of bite to it. This is a song that I could see being retooled and re-recorded to great effect by a country band. Morris’ delivery is very low key, but this could be one rockin’ country tune with real commercial potential. Morris ads a flamenco touch to Real Short Leash, and a honky-tonk styling to Everybody Needs Some Salsa. Be sure to check out Some Things Time Can’t Erase as well. It is the most touching song on Money To Burn.

Jackie Morris has a very understated delivery that might sometimes get in the way of some of her best material. Her voice is exceedingly pleasant and her presentation of her own songs is more than competent, but you can hear some of these songs straining at their folk trappings. This isn’t a reflection of any deficit on the part of Ms. Morris. Quite the contrary: Jackie Morris is a fabulous songwriter. She has given life to the 13 songs here, but several of the songs take on a life of their own. Jackie Morris will make a good living off of her own songs, but in the long run she may make an even better one based on what others do with her songs. She has a wealth of songwriting talent that can’t stay hidden for long. Money To Burn is exquisite.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5).

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