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Friday, July 9, 2010

Scarlitt - Hope Unseen

Scarlitt - Hope Unseen
2010, Scarlitt

Sutton, Massachusetts is home to new metalcore quartet Scarlitt. Blending the influences of rock, pop and metal, Scarlitt offers up a brisk and vibrant sound while stay crisp and musically relevant on their sophomore EP, Hope Unseen. Released in June, Hope Unseen takes Scarlitt’s usual focus and adds a level of musical and rhythmic intensity.

Hope Unseen opens with "Beneath The Surface", a great sounding heavy rock sound that's aggressive but done with precisions. The guitar work is very impressive, and the vocals (lead and harmony) are very solid. This is a Class A single for modern rock/heavy rock radio; a real mover. Expect to have "Beneath The Surface" on repeat. "The Rescue" is a song of regret that plays like a heavy power ballad. It's a commemoration of a lost soul, and a song of regret for choices made that serves as a powerful and illuminating life lesson. Scarlitt provides a moment of musical peace with "Glory Of The Forgotten", an orchestrated instrumental track that shows off the band's diversity of sounds and styles.

Scarlitt cranks it up with "Key To Salvation", an urgent plea for restoration, faith and belief ("infuse me, ignite my soul"). It's a powerful, inspiring turn. "Awaken Life" stays with inspirational sense in a screamo affair that derides the world for forgetting angels and exalting men. It's a powerful rock song with outstanding, dynamic guitar work. "Oblivious" is a relationship song about two people in two very different places in the same relationship. She's perhaps at peace as he is itching to get out the door. There's tremendous movement beneath the surface of this song with the band digging deep into their various instrumental virtuosities to reflect the many and deep layers of conflicting emotions in the lyrics. Scarlitt saves their best for last: "Breathless" is an outstanding active rock song with serious pop sensibilities. Scarlitt sacrifices no edge while delivering big hooks that will play well both to radio and in the licensing realm.

When it comes to heavy rock and metal debuts it's not uncommon to find bands that are almost caricatures of what they might become one day. There's a comic book feel to some metal debuts, with bands trying so hard to fit a certain sound they're almost predictable. Scarlitt's Hope Unseen stands out because the band is so well-developed musically, offering up songs that are extremely well-written, creatively constructed and full of high-level musicianship. As a debut, Hope Unseen is outstanding. Based on the available evidence it seems likely that Scarlitt will be around a long time from now.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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