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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sean Waterman - Enough

Sean Waterman - Enough
2010, Sean Waterman

Atlanta’s Sean Waterman fell into music early, catching the guitar bug while in 4th grade. The Brooklyn-born singer/songwriter, now 23, has written a prodigious number of songs in the singer-songwriter tradition, and has even had some of his work performed by South Carolina jazz vocalist Ann Caldwell. These days Waterman is gigging in support of his first formal EP, Locomotive Hearts. The first single from that EP is “Enough”. Written in a full acoustic-guitar sound, “Enough” is certainly pretty, but the dynamics never really change throughout the song. It’s a tune about feeling trapped in a relationship where you can never really make your partner happy. Waterman layers on emotional weight with vocal effects; exploring the depths of sorrow, anger and vulnerability, but Waterman never seems to feel any of these. It’s a very well-written tune, but the delivery feels a bit false. It’s as if Waterman wrote the song as an intellectual exercise, but either never really felt what he wrote or just won’t let himself fall into the song completely.

Rating: 2.5 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Sean Waterman at  "Enough" is available as part of the Locomotive Hearts EP, and may be downloaded both as a single as well as part of the full EP from

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