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Friday, July 23, 2010

Wildy's World Update

Difficult economic times have hit everyone.  Such things effect those with 9-5 jobs, artists, musicians and even bloggers.

I continue to do what I do according to the good graces of the artists, labels and PR folks who continue to send material for review.  I can do it because of the occasional donation or ad that appears on this blog.  These occasional trickles are helpful.  Aside from a nominal fee to defer the cost of electronic submissions, storage and plaback device(s), I charge nothing for the reviews that appear on this site.  That's not something I plan on changing. 

What has become apparent is that short of finding a way to increase the inflow from this site even marginally, I may have to choose, down the road, to step away from Wildy's World to do other things.  So this is something of an appeal to all of you who read this page or benefit from it in some way.  We have long had the capability to receive donations via PayPal.  The option is in the column at right.  We also have long made the purchase of ads available.  Both options have been used in the past, but particularly this year both have pretty much dried up in spite of an increasing volume of readers and of artists submissions. 

If you are an artist, PR company, label, or are associated with a peripheral or unrelated line of business interested in advertising here please get in touch with us at  If you are a reader, artist or other interested party who has benefited from this space over time, please consider making a donation as you are able.  Any amount will serve to help keep Wildy's World up and running in the long term.  Please note: While Wildy's World is a good cause and does accept donations, we are not a tax-exempt organization.  Consequently your donation is not tax deductible. 

Thank you for your time. Now back to the reason we're here...


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