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Monday, July 5, 2010

The Dream Station - This Is Not The Desert

The Dream Station - This Is Not The Desert
2010, The Dream Station

The Dream Station come together from very different backgrounds and experiences (members come from Venezuela, Arizona and Texas), but have met in a musical middle ground that’s intriguing. With influences that run across the rock n roll spectrum, The Dream Station came together in the summer of 2009, and have already produced their first EP, This Is Not The Desert.

This Is Not The Desert opens with "Chemicals", a catchy bit of early 1990's Alt-Rock. The Dream Station sounds very much like The Refreshments, but stylistically and in the form of vocalist J.J. Gluckman. The same vibe is present on "Terminal", a vibrant tune with a dark, introspective nature that recurs throughout the song. "Terminal" pits the need for continuity against the need to move on in highly allegorical terms. The Dream Stations closes with EP with the title track. "This Is Not The Desert" is pensive and melancholy, but maintains the sound The Dream Station established with the first two songs on the EP.

This Is Not The Desert is a tasty treat from The Dream Station. Fans of 1990's Southwestern rockers The Refreshments will feel right at home here. Let's hope This Is Not The Desert is a sign of things to come.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about The Dream Station at or No online outlets were found to purchase This Is Not The Desert, but keep your eyes on The Dream Station's website, where their store should be operational soon.

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