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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Canor - Vol. 1

Canor - Vol. 1
2010, Canor

South Bay, California quartet Canor digs into 2010 with their debut EP, Vol. 1, with a guitar-oriented alt-rock sound, catchy tunes and a vocalist who’s a bit out of the ordinary. Vol. 1 opens with "In All Fairness", an edgy bit of stripped-down rock n roll that makes the most of simple chord progressions. Vocalist Alex Hiner has a mundane voice, but conveys the cynicism about another's intentions perhaps better than even the lyrics themselves. "Slow Your Roll" follows the relatively abrupt downfall of a relationship. Hiner's flat delivery here is emotionally appropriate to the song, but varies little from what comes before or afterward. Hiner comes alive on "Shambles", a vibrant, kitschy rocker that's catchy and memorable. There's a bit of Nirvana-esque guitar work in the song as well as a sense of abandon that's palpable. "It Costs" is a punk rock tune in genteel clothes about the cost of casting those who care about you aside. Vol. 1 closes with a live version of Shambles. The ambience of the room where this was recorded makes the most of the open arrangement. The sound quality isn't quite perfect, but it's a positive upgrade from the studio version of the tune.

Canor brings an interesting and edgy dynamic to their debut EP, Vol. 1, and they make it work by keeping things simple. The songs on Vol. 1 won't take over the radio airwaves anytime soon, but they are solid and catchy offerings that few listeners would take umbrage with. Vol. 1 is a solid start.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Canor at 1 is available digitally from iTunes.

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Anonymous said...

good review..have you heard 'broken record' from vol. 2 on their myspace yet? wow..melodic old/new school rocker...this band kicks the original world's tail...