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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Eryn Green - Eryn Green (demo

Eryn Green - Eryn Green (demo)
2010, Eryn Green

Eryn Green is a singer/songwriter living in Maine who is spending her life on a Christian mission to share her faith and beliefs in multiple ways. Green is a major gospel music fan but has recently been drawn into a blend of country and gospel, a sound documented on her self-titled demo recording.

Green opens with "Rest In His Arms", a basic gospel sentiment offered in acoustic singer/songwriter pastiche. Green has a deeply textured and unique voice but struggles with pitch throughout the song and EP. The song itself is decent enough, although it does fall prey to the use of extensive repetition (particularly in the chorus. "In Your Presence" is a worshipful prayer in song. Backed by acoustic guitar, Green once again falls into repetitive lyrics to fill space. The intent of this song is affable1enough, particularly for those who practice a faith in the Judeo-Christian realm, but musically it's a bit flat. Green closes with "In Spirit And Truth", which follows much the same path as the first two songs on the Demo EP.

Eryn Green comes into her self-titled demo with the best of intentions, carrying with her a highly atypical singing voice and an ultra-smooth style of phrasing. Breath control, pitch and awkward lyrical construction keep Green's demo from being as enjoyable as it might be. Eryn Green might benefit greatly from writing in collaboration with others for a little while to open up her stylistic horizons and inform greater lyrical choices.

Rating: 2 Stars (Out of 5)

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