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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Feldiken - Common Splendor

Feldiken - Common Splendor
2010, Feldiken

New York City Indie singer/songwriter Feldiken returns with his latest EP, Common Splendor. The six-song cycle follows on the heels of Small Songs About Us. Feldiken expands his reach by digging into personal experience and infusing broader stylistic influences than in the past, from New Orleans Zydeco to Celtic kitchen party and the broad base of acoustic folk that lay in between.

Common Splendor opens with "Age Of Miracles", turning a mildly ironic comment on the state of the world into a song celebrating the joy of finding the perfect person in a complicated world. "Together In This Groove" is a disco song that celebrates the oneness of people when they dance. Lyrically trite and awkward, the song is nevertheless delicious dance pop. "Common Splendor" is a joyous exploration of the togetherness of family where people love you no matter what. Feldiken highlight the human imperfect of individual members as a component of the perfect whole of the group. A gentle Celtic flavor ties this together with fiddle on top. It's a brilliant tune. "Everybody Loves You" is a brief, pretty transition into "Everything For Everyone", a catchy mid-tempo tune which plays like the idealistic worldview of an entitled mind. Feldiken closes with "The Future", looking to tomorrow an asset. Feldiken's bow reinforces the positive outlook that lay at the heart of Common Splendor, breaking it down to its simplest form.

Feldiken marks his territory in terms of love, using landmarks from the world around him to keep his bearings on Common Splendor. The EP is charming in its honesty and good-natured approach. Feldiken writes and performs with a flair that's unmistakable and projects a persona that's instantly likeable, putting the listener at ease.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Feldiken at or Splendor is available digially through Feldiken's website.  CDs and Downloads are available from  You can also get the digital version from iTunes.

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