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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cut Throat Kids - Cut Throat Kids [EP]

Cut Throat Kids - Cut Throat Kids [EP]
2010, Cut Throat Kids

Toronto punk/pop quartet Cut Throat Kids are quickly gaining a reputation for high energy shows with a sheen of professionalism that belies their collective youth. Vocalist Tyler Tasson has the sort of unaffected voice that makes you like her instantly as she tackles fun, high-energy songs with aplomb. In concert with Calvin Castellino (drums); Nick Chang-Fong (bass) and Jeff Raposo (guitar); Tasson dips and dives through five dynamic songs on Cut Throat Kids self-titled EP.

Cut Throat Kids opens with "Already Gone", a song about getting out before things fall apart. Driven by an insatiable pop sensibility, "Already Gone" never rests, and Tasson voices it like a personal mantra. This is a song you just have to dance to, even if you don't like to dance. "This House" is a song about sx as a means of attention rather than love. Tasson uses brief and subtle word association style lyrics in the chorus to gloss over the intimacy in favor of the issue of attention. All of this is done at a frenetic pace that will inspire the requisite dancing and toe-tapping. Cut Throat Kids slow things down a bit with "Bring It Down", a song about hidden liaisons and one person's desire for there to be more. There's a slow build of angst here that's parallel to a growing discomfort with the hidden nature of the relationship exposed. "Feed Me" turns the metronome back up in an emotionally laden exposition of a relationship where trust has been destroyed by lies. The energy here is solid, but the song doesn't quite connect on the level that previous tracks have. Cut Throat Kids closes with "The Last One", an exploration of relationship angst that grows from comparing yourself to your partner's ex(es). Tasson sings with an intensity and commitment here that speaks of the inherent insecurity that drives the song, and the arrangement is sufficiently catchy to indicate real potential as a single.

Cut Throat Kids are a high energy band with punk vitality, the effervescence of youth, and a professional mien that seems to be well beyond their years. There's nothing affected here, just honest, energetic rock n roll. Even where Cut Throat Kids explore the greyer areas of human interaction and emotion, the arrangements are bright and driven. This is a band that's going places, and their self-titled debut EP is worth making room in your collection for.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

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