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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Plaine Truth - Alive

The Plaine Truth - Alive
2010, The Plaine Truth

The Plaine Truth was born in 2004 at the inspiration of drummer/vocalist Brian Plaine.  Guitarist Yoav Thaler was the first add and eventually bassist Anthony Mancebo came into the fold.  Backing vocalist Chiz Nwokonkor is a late addition, filling out the band’s mix of classic rock, soul and funk sound. The New York City based band has been gigging extensively in the tri-state region for the past few years in support of their debut EP, Alive.

Alive opens with "Alive", a catchy slice of classic rock with funk, soul and modern edge sewn in the seams.  Classic and modern touches make this tune a potential breakout hit.  Get this song in front of the right radio programmers in the right mood and you'll be hearing this song coast to coast.  Vocalist Brian Plaine sounds a bit like Dave Matthews but not in a way you'd expect to hear him, and the background vocalists create dynamic triad harmonies for a big sound.  "Borrowed Time" is built around a low-key funk bass line and a sound that lends itself to thoughts of classic 1970's soul music.  This is music you can listen to for fun or dance along to.  "Gone Away" takes a somewhat harder edge in a song about shattered dreams and love gone awry.  The chorus here has a somewhat magical feel; a simple declaration that soars out of the mass of anger and confusion like a single ray of hope.  Then it's back into the emotional maelstrom with big guitar leading the way.  The funk returns on "Pocket Full Of Soul", with a riff reminiscent of Lenny Kravitz.  Don't let the title or the funky pretense fool you; "Pocket Full Of Soul" drips with rock n roll attitude even as The Plaine Truth exploits the down-tempo setting to full effect around a melody line you simply can't escape.  Just try to get it out of your head.  The Plaine Truth closes with the title track. "Wheels" takes on a solid country/southern rock sound and culminates in a chorus that will make arena rock fans drool with unbridled envy.

There's nothing plain about The Plaine Truth.  The band has a keen ear for melody and an ability to craft songs that insinuate themselves into your brain and refuse to leave.  Alive is a splendid introduction, the sort that will have you checking the band's website on a regular basis to find out when the next album/ep is coming out.  Don't miss out on The Plaine Truth.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

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