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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Dance Party - Touch

The Dance Party - Touch
2010, Hell Ya!/East West

Washington, D.C. power dance trio The Dance Party believe in the old maxims: drugs, sex and rock n roll. These three pursuits are at the heart of The Dance Party’s latest album, Touch, out September 28th, 2010.

Touch opens with the snappy, fresh pop/rock of "Sasha Don't Sleep", a 1980's learning anthem that will threaten your insanity with incessant hooks and beat so danceable you won't be able to help yourself. This seems a likely first single and potential hit. "Pretty Girls" is a glam/pop proposition, something there is no short supply of on Touch. Don't be surprised if "Pretty Girls" ends up the theme of a reality television show. "Runaway" is a catchy, big rock tune about a young lady who keeps running away from life; an intriguing mix of 1980's glam rock and modern edge that's terribly catchy. "Snake Eyes" is pure kitsch that's fun and danceable, while "Survivor" is a classic stadium anthem with big harmonies and a power ballad approach.

Somewhere in the middle The Dance Party finds their energy ebbing a bit. The rest of the album is very good, but perhaps not up to the level of the first six songs. "Body Language" and "Hush" are catchy; the latter a bit cynically so. There's a lot of focus on sx, dancing and how to combine the two activities on songs such as "Carpe Diem", "Golden Touch" and "Forever Yours". "Let's Start Some Trouble" is recommended as a fun tune that will put a smile on your face before The Dancy Party bows with the effluent harmonies of "Disappear".

The Dance Party is aptly named. Touch turns into a party with all of the dancing you can handle. This is an album that's impossible to sit through; the urge to get up and move about at whatever speed is appropriate or even necessary for you is overwhelming. Touch is pure pop music at its finest, but occasionally crosses the line into the overzealous prstttn of sound over melody. It won't matter. Just give The Dance Party a stage with lots of sweaty gyrating bodies around. The party will follow.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about The Dance Party at drops September 28, 2010.  You can pre-order the Touch or Touch (Deluxe) from there.  Downloads are also available from iTunes.

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