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Friday, August 29, 2008

CD Review: Corsica - Sight Of The Sun

Corsica - Sight Of The Sun
2008, 3:05 AM Music

Corsica is something of a San Francisco/New Zealand supergroup, with former members of Martial Law, Tripsychord, 3:05 AM, The Corleones and The Sneetches. They offer up a brand of acoustic folk rock that is reminiscent of The Moody Blues. High in melody and lush acoustic instrumentation, Sight Of The Sun is a fulfilling sonic experience.

Beautiful Remains is a moving little rock tune with big ideas. Fleshed out in electric instrumentation this would be a monster guitar rock song. As it is Beautiful Remains is will get you moving in your seat. Sunspell is also quite enjoyable, featuring Sandy Poindexter (Dizzy Gillespie) on violin. Into The Amber has a Gin Blossoms down home feel to it. Safe Harbor is a sea shanty of the first magnitude. Other highlights include Lights Of Tuscany, By Nightfall and River Of Sand.

Sight Of The Sun is a very strong recording. Corsica is a bundle of top-notch musicians doing what they do best. I highly recommend this to my readers.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Corsica at I was not able to find a purchase point for Sight Of The Sun. I would recommend you contact Corsica through their website for more information.

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