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Sunday, August 3, 2008

CD Review: Pill Hill Radio - Pill Hill Radio

Pill Hill Radio - Pill Hill Radio
2008, John Rafferty

Brooklyn’s Pill Hill Radio, previously known as Gutenflower, formed in 2005. After a name change and a couple of years playing in Brooklyn and Manhattan clubs, they return as Pill Hill Radio Their self-titled debut came out in January 2008, and combines pop hooks with early punk energy to drive memorable melodies into your brain to stay.

From the opening notes of Pill Hill Radio I was convinced I had been transplanted by time and place. I was suddenly back in my sophomore year in college and listening to Blue Rodeo for the first time. From a songwriting perspective Pill Hill Radio could have gone to the same songwriting school as Jim Cuddy & the gang. The set opens with Halfway, which has one of the catchier choruses I've heard in some time, lyrically (I'm a heart break / I'm a head case / I'm a long way from a song I wrote). Pill Hill radio then backs into Bridgette.

Pill Hill Radio sticks to the Americana sound throughout. Campfire Song is a driven country-rocker about trying to recapture old magic with an old flame. Whiskey Pride is perhaps my favorite song on Pine Hill Radio. It has a melancholy feel that fits the lyrics perfectly. Also be sure to check out Tomorrow and Mary. These two songs stuck at the very end of the album show a little more of the depth of Pill Hill Radio and are definitely worth seeking out.

Pill Hill Radio is one of the stronger pure Americana albums I've heard this year. There's definitely a lean to the country side of the perspective here, if that makes a difference to you. The songwriting is outstanding, and Pill Hill Radio is a plus performer. It would be interesting to see this material in a live setting to see how Pill Hill Radio interacts with the audience. Check Out Pill Hill Radio. You'll be happy you did.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

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Anonymous said...

Amazing band to see live, very personal no matter what the venue. Listening to a CD doesn't capture the raw emotion and talent that these guys honed playing small bars and taverns. Do yourself a favor and see them at the small place you can, if you can get in.