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Thursday, August 7, 2008

CD Review: Radium88 - Only Science Can Tell Us The Truth

Radium88 - Only Science Can Tell Us The Truth
2007, Radium88

Kraftwerk. Eno. Philip Glass. The Orb. These are the forefathers of the sound proffered by Radium88. On its fifth release, Only Science Can Tell Us The Truth, the Nottingham, England outfit continues to spiral down the path of ambient sound. Mixing bright, eclectic rhythms and nuanced psychedelia, Radium88 crafts a series of songs that are part dream, part emotion and part universal consciousness.

Only Science Can Tell Us The Truth opens with Let There Be Lite, a perhaps ironic opening salvo in the creation versus expansion argument. Nocturne is a haunting piano-based piece that works well as twilight zone lullaby. Sleepwalk is my current favorite here, and is perfectly titled. Other highlights include The Man Who Invented Himself, the faux baroque strings on Sometimes They Get Into The Machines, and The Sound Of Light, a trippy dish with jazz garnish.

Only Science Can Tell Us The Truth is inventive, variable, and an extremely enjoyable listen. Radium88 manage to evade many of the clich├ęs of electronic music by remembering it was music before it was electronic. Radium88 crafts enjoyable riffs on various musical styles and tones where the melody is supported by the beats rather than being an excuse for them. Definitely an excellent listen.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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