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Thursday, August 14, 2008

CD Review: Will Tang - Everything Changes

Will Tang - Everything Changes
2006, Zen Music

Will Tang is a musical renaissance man. His heritage (half British, half Chinese) imbued him with a wealth of musical styles and influences to choose from, and from all indications he has made the most of those opportunities. Tang made his first splash living in Hong Kong, where he started out doing session work for Andy Lau and Jacky Chan, and even playing with Simon LeBon. This evolved into a recording contract and touring with his own band to 10,000 seat theaters.

Later on Tang would decide to try his luck in the British music scene with its myriad of sounds and influences. In 2007, William Tang released his fifth album, Everything Changes. This is a fairly straightforward acoustic rock album from Tang, and very much out of character with his past recordings. Nevertheless it is an incredibly strong recording that you need to hear.

William Tang brings an easy grace to every song he touches. His performances on Everything Changes sound effortless. On My Way is a lovely song that displays the hope of a lost love. The Other Side is a gritty blues-rock tune that will blow you away. Be sure also to check out Red City Blues, a reggae tune with some minor blues influences that is quite a treat. Other highlights include Something Special, Stories, Love Bites and Sun Down. Sun Down allows Tang to show off his blues harmonica skills.

Everything Changes is a gorgeous album full of great acoustic pop rock and blues tunes. Will Tang is the sort of multi-faceted talent that finds a way to stick around for a long time. Be sure to check out Everything Changes. It's a treat you won't forget.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Will Tang at, where you can purchase a copy of Everything Changes. Also check out for streaming audio you won’t find on the CD (like a Led Zeppelin cover on harmonica).

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Unknown said...

I'd agree, some wicked tunes on there, also caught Will live just recently, wow he adds another dimention... GREAT!!!