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Thursday, August 28, 2008

CD Review: Pete Groch - No Frills

Pete Groch - No Frills
2008, Pete Groch

One of the greatest joys of doing this review thing is when I get to introduce my readers to someone who is truly new. Not just someone who’s been out there awhile and you’ve never come across, but someone who is truly new and talented and exciting. Haverstown, Pennsylvania’s Pete Groch is just such a guy.

Pete Groch fits nicely into the space between folk and rock and roll. He has a keen ear for melodies and a seeming "less is more" approach to songwriting. The music exists simply to support and move the song along. In this Pete Groch proves to be nothing short of brilliant. No Frills is ten songs full great melodies, strong hooks and snappy lyrics.

My personal favorite is Going Blind, which is a neat little toe-tapper that you'll want to keep replaying. Traveling On and Answering Dreams are other highlights selected from ten great songs! Groch finds a way to maximize the life in each one, welcoming you into the story rather than leaving you on the sidelines. There is a talent for engagement that some singers just seem to come by naturally. It can be learned, but it works on a much deeper level if you have it naturally. Pete Groch does.

No Frills may be a musical philosophy as much as a song title. Pete Groch’s straight forward story telling and enchanting melodies make No Frills a must-hear CD. Don’t miss out on this guy. This is the sort of quiet beginning that sometimes ends up as something huge.

Rating: 4.0 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Pete Groch at You can currently download No Frills through It is not clear whether Groch is currently selling CD copies or not, but you could always message him through his MySpace page to find out!

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