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Sunday, August 3, 2008

CD Review: Rahim Samad - Travel Properly

Rahim Samad - Travel Properly
2008, Vault Classic

Travel Properly is an interesting mix of old and new. There is a definite old-skool vibe here, but Salrico, FL’s Rahim Samad is very modern lyrically, and quite political. Travel Properly relies on some of the standard gimmicks of the genre, including the use of excessive profanity to punctuate ideas instead of using words to explain them. Musically Samad shows real promise, as some of the mixes of samples and beats here are quite original and interesting to listen to. Unfortunately the lyrical content is too much like so many other rappers to stand out. It's not bad -- Rahim Samad is very capable on the mic, but popular rap has almost become a cliché unto itself, and artists make a choice to either embrace the cliché or to cut their own path. It is the latter who stand out.

Highlights include Tampa Psalm, Hardcore and All In All. Travel Properly really is musically interesting. It is here that Samad chooses to cut his own path. I think if he ever takes the same freedom to buck lyrical standards and clichés he might just be a superstar. As it is he is a talented rapper with interesting music and likely will reap a solid following. Travel Properly is a musically interesting album that will be appreciated in the popular market, but is limited by its own compliance with the norm.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

To learn more about Rahim Samad, check out, where you can purchase a copy of Travel Properly


Anonymous said...

this was a bad review. I've been bumping this album for months and there is no way that you could listen to this album and walk away thinking that it sounds like anything in the mainstream. Dude talks about george jackson, friends going to war, struggles, government. Nobody in the mainstream talks about shit like that. Like jigga said, 'Do you listen to music or do you skim through it?'. This album is good, I just don't like the city song on it though, but hey, to listen to an entire album and only dislike one song is like a miracle nowadays

Wildy said...

The great thing about music is it touches everyone differently, and your opinion is as valid as mine, so thank you for posting.