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Friday, August 29, 2008

CD Review: Keaton Simons - Can You Hear Me

Keaton Simons - Can You Hear Me
2008, CBS Records

Los Angeles' Keaton Simons is sitting on a goldmine. A gifted singer, songwriter, guitarist and performer, Simons has been wowing audiences in LA for years, and has spent several years on the road introducing himself to artists around the West and Midwest. 2008 saw the release of Simons' full length debut, Can You Hear Me on CBS Records. Simons' offering can best be described as thoroughly original, with nods to Dave Matthews and John Mayer.

Can You Hear Me is a dynamic and wonderful record. I sat down to listen to Simons with certain trepidation. The album cover was strong on image, and the press materials sounded to me like more form over substance. How wrong I was. Keaton Simons just might be the first wave of the next generation of singer-songwriters. Without Your Skin is a poignant song about human need. I thoroughly enjoyed To Me, a mellow yet moving soft rock ballad. Good Things Get Better should be plastered all over the airwaves. This song is highly marketable and could make Simons rich on its own. Other highlights include the country flavored Misfits, Burch Mog, Joseph, and the eerie Unstoppable (my favorite song on Can You Hear Me).

Keaton Simons has quite the history behind him: A failed record contract with Maverick Records, drug use/abuse, and years toiling in front of small crowds in LA. With Can You Hear Me Keaton Simons comes fully into his own. I would suggest that many readers will have a hard time putting this disc down.

Rating: 5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Keaton Simons at You can purchase Can You Here Me at, on iTunes as a download, or through most major music retailers.

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