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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

CD Review: Piece Edens and The Dirty Work - Partydress

Pierce Edens and The Dirty Work - Partydress
2006, Pierce Edens

Pierce Edens is either into creating low expectations or he’s absolutely hilarious (or maybe a little of both). Aside from that, along his band The Dirty Work, Piece Edens is one fantastic performer. On the debut album from Piece Edens and The Dirty Work, Partydress, we get a mix of folk, blues and rock that is intriguing.

Pierce Edens is a capable songwriter who is able to bring you most any style of music, but is truly at his best with down and dirty acoustic blues. Partydress opens with Baby Doll, a delicious blues rock tune. Holiday is a great singer-songwriter tune with a real melancholy bent. Things Are Looking Up is another tasty blues dish. One of the things that makes this music work is the energy that Pierce Edens & The Dirty Work invest in their music. Even on the weaker songs on this album Pierce Edens carries the songs on sheer force of personality and will.

Other highlights include the country Creeping Vines, Jailhouse, Momma and the frenetic rocker Let It Rain. Pierce Edens and The Dirty Work sure know how to liven up a concert hall. Their electric energy levels are infectious and you'll find yourself getting up to dance. Partydress is an outstanding disc with a number of songs that are great fits for radio or for licensing. Make some room for Piece Edens and The Dirty Work in your CD collection.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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