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Thursday, August 7, 2008

CD Review: Greg Capozzi - The Mission

Greg Capozzi - The Mission
2007, Greg Capozzi Ministries

I'd call Greg Capozzi the Elton John of Contemporary Christian Music, but some within the Christian community might not like the reference. Musically the description is apropos. If anything, Capozzi may sound a little too much like John at times. On The Mission, Capozzi offers up sixteen tracks of praise music in the style of John's eclectic piano-based story songs.

Capozzi has a voice that sounds a lot like Elton John's. That being said, he does have pitch issues that come through from time to time. The Mission opens with a live recording of the title track, a moving song about Capozzi's personal conviction in his music. Come To Me moves into a quasi-new wave sounding verse before resolving back into an Elton John style chorus. Also be sure to check out the piano ballad Open My Eyes, probably the most moving song on the record. Starlight opens with piano and strings, and sounds like a late 80's pop ballad. Other highlights include Whatsoever You Do, Wake The Dead and Psalm 102.

There are little issues here and there that you can pick at, but one thing you can not take away from Capozzi is the conviction in his music. He feels what he is singing/playing from head to toe, and it comes across on CD. The Mission is a plus recording, a little rawer than the other recording reviewed here at Wildy's World, Show Me The Way. The songwriting is just a little bit rougher around the edges at times, and Capozzi seems to be feeling his way a little bit more than normal, but The Mission is still a worthwhile listen.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

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