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Thursday, August 14, 2008

CD Review: Tony Doggett - A Moment In Time

Tony Doggett - A Moment In Time
2008, Tony Doggett

Tony Doggett has done at least two things very well in his life. He’s lived his life in service to others and he’s made music. Spending several years in the third world helped shape Doggett’s world view, and with A Moment In Time, Doggett works hard to document how he worked to give some of those gifts back to himself through new connections, introspection and spiritual growth.

A Moment In Time opens with Since I Took A Look At You, a sweet love song with American flourishes and great harmonies. This is potentially a minor hit in the country/Americana genres. The title track is an upbeat pop/country tune that will get stuck in your head. Part Of Your World is a heart-on-the-sleeve ballad that is wedding first dance material. Irresistible is a pleasant change of pace from the unabashed trend of love ballads on A Moment In Time, until you realize it's a love ballad with a latin beat.

Tony Doggett is a guy full of love songs, which is okay because he is a more than competent songwriter. Even the rockabilly Walking With My Baby has a strong romantic element to it. Other highlights include Still Here With You, Say Yes and You.

A Moment In Time is a veritable mix tape of Tony Doggett tunes. It will be a little much for some readers, but for the true romantics and Harlequin readers this is an ideal album. This is also a musician's album, as Doggett's song construction and execution as a writer/performer is flawless. It would be nice to hear a little more variety in subject matter, but it's hard to argue with the quality here. A Moment In Time is a definite keeper.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn about Tony Doggett at, where you can purchase a copy of A Moment In Time. You can also pick up a copy at

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