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Friday, August 15, 2008

CD Review: Alex Woodard - Alex Woodard

Alex Woodard – Alex Woodard
2008, Woodshack Music

Alex Woodard sends a message in the opening notes of his self-titled debut. The CD starts out with the plaintive wail of a pedal steel for about two seconds before it’s stomped on and kicked to the curb by distorted country-rock guitar. Whether it’s an ousting of the old, or just the briefest nod of where country came from, Alex Woodard suggests he won’t be bound by the old. This act of rebellion from the former surfer and childhood actor is a sign of things to come in the music. Woodard doesn’t stay pegged to one genre on his debut, Alex Woodard. He bridges the gaps between Rock, Country and America just as easily as he might surf the pipelines of the Southern California Coast.

The absolute highlight of this album is Reno, the duet with Nickel Creek’s Sara Watkins. This is one of the most traditional country sounding songs on the album, and Woodard’s voice works with Watkins’ so well you’d think they’ve been singing together for years. Other highlights include The Table, Photograph, Beautiful Now, and the touching Heather’s Prayer.

Alex Woodard is a talent. He has an easy sound (vocally) that goes down like sugar water. He’s a plus songwriter and I suspect he’ll continue to develop that talent as time goes on. Alex Woodard (the album) is a very strong debut, and should be a sign of great things to come!

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

To learn more about Alex Woodard, check out Alex Woodard arrives on August 19, 2008. Here’s a treat! If you pre-order the album through, Alex Woodard will write a song about you (plus you’ll get some other neat stuff). Pre-orders must occur before August 19th. How cool is that? (Now if we can just get him to write about the reviewers... :)

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