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Friday, February 26, 2010

Review: Kevin Second & Jonah Matranga - Split EP

Kevin Second & Jonah Matranga - Split EP
2009, Blacktop Records

Kevin Seconds (7Seconds) and Jonah Matranga released a highly limited vinyl-only Split EP on Canada's Blacktop Records in December, 2009. Seconds has been involved in various Split EP projects in the past, and previously released on of Matranga's cassettes on his Pop Rockit Records. The Split EP by Kevin Seconds and Jonah Matranga is available on 7" vinyl and is limited to 1000 copies.

The Split EP opens with Jonah Matranga on I've Always Wanted To Write A Song Commanding People To Dance, a pure electronic dance track that finds Matranga passing even his voice through a vocoder. The result is catchy but unfulfilling; the musical equivalent of junk food; a song you might find tasty from time to time but not one that will make a long-lasting impression. Daylight is the apotheosis of the opening track, a heartfelt song written from the well of insecurity that can engulf someone in the darkest hours of the night. Kevin Seconds takes over for the balance on Grip On Ur Own, an up-tempo Folk/Rocker about just trying to stay in control as life carries you along. It's a vibrant tune that could easily be a Rock hit in a heavier arrangement. Seconds wraps things up with Life Unknown, another song growing out of the day-to-day difficulties gussied up with a mid-tempo arrangement. Based on this small sample, Seconds would appear to be a real talent as a songwriter, and projects an easy-feel as a singer/performer that can only lead to good things.

The Jonah Matranga/Kevin Seconds Split EP is a 50/50 affair in more ways than one. Jonah Matranga shows some potential, particularly with Daylight, but it's hard to get a bead on the artist from the material presented here. Kevin Seconds is more consistent across the two tracks, adopting a solid singer/songwriter style that carries well stylistically and with his personality as a performer. The Jonah Matranga/Kevin Seconds EP is worth checking out.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

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