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Monday, February 15, 2010

Review: Annie Automatic - Fighting Chances

Annie Automatic - Fighting Chances
2010, Broken Seal

You might think that California rockers Annie Automatic have an air of mystery about them. Their lead singer (French) and guitarist (Cash) have eschewed patronymics, and the band’s logo offers up only an oddly scripted letter A in the crosshairs of a rifle’s scope. Despite the affectations, it would be hard to find a more elemental Rock N Roll band than Annie Automatic, who returns to basics on their second album, Fighting Chances. The result is flat-out great Rock N Roll.

Fighting Chances opens with Nepenthe, exacting an intriguing sound that balances on the precipice between Classic Rock, Modern Rock, Psychedelia and Punk. The song features basic Rock construction reminiscent of The Police's early work; a soaring chorus with clear honest vocals and a creative spark that's anathema to modern commercial radio. Suffice it to say Nepenthe is a great start! Something Sacred is a strong ballad with a highly likeable chorus. The emotion implied in the lyrics doesn't necessarily translate well into the arrangement. The result is something of a disconnect but still a very solid song.

A Song For Billy is a mournful tune featuring ethereal voices mixing with string instrumentation to build a creepy baroque feel at the end. An intriguing listen, the song takes a little while to get there and then resolves fairly quickly back into the melodic sense of the chorus. It's a haunted song that will stick with you, although it won't grab you right off the bat. Annie Automatic closes with Candy Apple Kisses, the potential hit of the EP. The melody here is absolutely infectious; the sort of song you hear on the radio and then search furiously to find out who did it.

Annie Automatic makes a big splash with Fighting Chances. This is the sort of EP that can seriously raise the profile of a young band. Four out of five songs are strong comers with real commercial legs, but Annie Automatic does commercial by making great music rather than by trying to be commercial. Fighting Chances will leave you wanting to see what Annie Automatic will come up with next.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Annie Automatic at or You can purchase Fighting Chances as either a CD or Download from The album may also be downloaded from or iTunes.

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