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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rachel Lee Walsh - She's Not Waiting

Rachel Lee Walsh - She's Not Waiting
2010, Rachel Lee Walsh

Rachel Lee Walsh is a Brooklyn, New York-based singer/songwriter who writes song blending roots from country, folk, rock, blues, soul and gospel. Walsh is currently working on a full length album, but has released an EP; She’s Not Waiting, as something of a musical appetizer for her fans. Walsh lists influences as including Gillian Welch, Patti Griffin, Norah Jones, Neko Case, Amos Lee, Emmylou Harris, Eva Cassidy, Sheryl Crow and Mavis Staples.

Walsh opens with "She's Not Waiting" a biographical sketch in song of a female bicycle messenger in Manhattan. The song is run through with admiration and respect for a day-to-day daredevil who lives by her own rules, offered in an almost mournful cowboy/folk arrangement. "Please Come To Brooklyn" is a quirky little expression of need and desire written as an innocent but meaningful entreaty. In spite of a somewhat repetitive chorus the song is charming and colloquial. Walsh is at her best here, allowing her voice the most room to roam in its unassuming and pleasant sound. "Elizabeth Dawn" is a story-song about a child who grows up quickly without a home, showing the scars vis-a-vis adamant independence of neglect. The song lingers a bit longer than it might and suffers from the lack of any real sense of resolution, but is a decent effort.

She's Not Waiting shows a songwriter in flux. Rachel Lee Walsh appears to have found a sound and style she's comfortable with, but is still picking at the early seeds of her songwriting talent. The result is a rough EP with promise. She's Not Waiting shows flashes of what Walsh may become, particularly in "Please Come To Brooklyn". She's Not Waiting is a solid start for Walsh. We'll be curious to see what comes next.

Rating: 2.5 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Rachel Lee Walsh at or  Walsh provides a link to download She's Not Waiting on her website.

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