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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Waylons - Out Of Love

The Waylons - Out Of Love
2009, The Waylons

Brooklyn, New York quartet The Waylons hail from all over the country; a miniature musical melting pot that's hard to pin a name on. Building lush alt-Americana arrangements, The Waylons deliver seven well-crafted tunes on their sophomore effort, Out Of Love. Out Of Love is the follow up to The Waylons' 2006 self-titled debut, and was recorded both in an apartment house in Brooklyn and in a train depot in Vermont.

Out Of Love opens with "Lying In The Sun", a gentle folk rocker with hints of roots influence. The vocals are affable enough, and the energy varies enough to keep things interesting, but the song is a bit bland for an opening track. "Endless Supplies" is a song of falling reluctantly in love; of being won over by an amazing soul who relentlessly pursues without ever applying pressure and the utter inevitability of it all. The song is presented in a slowly undulating fashion, like the gentle waves of an incoming tide, which fits the subject remarkably well. "Traveler" keeps the same sort of sing-song feel with little affect, and serves as emotional buffer against the anger of "Disappear Me". "Disappear Me" has an urgent, vitriolic feel that is catchy in its dark insistence.

"Spotlight" is an interesting in study, combining a driven, energetic arrangement with a vocal performance that's almost half-hearted. The effect is a bit muddled, but the arrangement is so catchy you'll give The Waylons the benefit of the doubt. "Rachel" is a maudlin one-sided conversation in the midst of relationship full of the same. He's a fool, as becomes quickly clear, but the song is quietly compelling in capturing a moment that mixes human need and independence in surprising doses. Out Of Love bows with "Retreat", fueled by energetic, messy guitar work and a catchy melody line that will draw you in.

The Waylons present themselves as a slightly disheveled rock band with country/Americana roots on Out Of Love. Crafting songs out of messy, seemingly hap-hazard musical constructions, The Waylons hide an intense pop sensibility and melodic deftness underneath that scruffy musical exterior, like an affect-challenged but affable version of The Lowest Of The Low. It may take a few listens, but if you give The Waylons a chance they'll grab you.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about The Waylons at or Of Love is available as a download from and iTunes.

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