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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Glenn Colton – Browser The Mouse/The Cyber Safety Collection

Glenn Colton – Browser The Mouse/The Cyber Safety Collection
2010, Glenn Colton

At the beginning of 2010 YouthLight, Inc. published a book entitled Browser The Mouse, written by Constance Hanel, Linda Shields and Barbara Trolley, with illustrations by Brian Caleb Dumm. Browser The Mouse is a story and educational program that helps parents teach kids about safe use of the internet, covering everything from safe behavior, protecting oneself from outside influences and even practicing balance with the use of technology. Glenn Colton was asked to write songs in support of the project, and a five-song CD of Colton penned/performed material accompanies the book. That CD is also available separately under the title The Cyber Safety Collection.

From an educational perspective the book is age appropriate and effective; making what is essentially dry but important material within the framework of Browser's story. Colton's soundtrack is a solid complement to the story, reinforcing the lessons the book teaches with enjoyable songs. "Made A Plan" is done in a gentle pop arrangement and teaches safe practices while using the internet. It's a catchy and informative number. "Ownership - It Belongs To Me" reinforces a sense of responsibility and safety. Colton's crafted a nice, memorable melody here in a sweet ballad-style song. "Use Technology Wisely" is a hip and funky lesson plan that gets jiggy with the bass line; even parents will be bopping along to this one. "Stop, Save & Share" has a Jimmy Buffet feel and provides ample reminder to ensure you don't lose any valuable information. It's a fun tune with a children's chorus helping out at the end. "Everybody Needs Balance" closes out with a 1980's pop song and a message about striking a balance between the use of technology and the other activities of life.

As always Colton is affable and provides an educational and entertaining performance on Browser The Mouse. The book itself is an invaluable resource for parents introducing their kids to the internet, and Colton's songs help make the lesson points more accessible to young children. Both Colton and the authors should be commended for tackling a subject that's vital to the healthy development of children in this day and age while keeping the project both entertaining and educational.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Glenn Colton at The Mouse is available from or from and comes with a CD of five songs.  If you just want the music you can purchase Colton's The Cyber Safety Collection digitally from, CDBaby or iTunes.

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