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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lithium Seven - Something Else Is Waiting

Lithium Seven - Something Else Is Waiting
2009, Lithium Seven

Lithium Seven is about as modern as you can get in popular music. With bases in both Dayton, Ohio and Lansing, Michigan, Lithium Seven do a lot of their songwriting via the web. Shawn and Soren Gormley (Emily's Motives) and Jon Carroll and Jim Armstrong have managed to build a tight, symbiotic songwriting style between them, a style that is evident on Lithium Seven's recent EP, Something Else Is Waiting.

Something Else Is Waiting opens with "Get To Montana", a catchy bit of Americana/rock with great energy. It's a song about getting back to your roots and getting back to the earth. It's great opening number and introduction to Lithium Seven. "Something Else is Waiting" is a solid tune in a lush Americana arrangement about the inevitability of change, new challenges and new opportunities. The laid back aprroach of the song has real power, albeit subtle. "Arizona" is a love song about making love work. Lithium Seven explores hard choices and perseverance in a pragmatic take on romance that's musically appealing.

Lithium Seven are onto something with Something Else Is Waiting. At three songs the EP is but a sample, but the promise indicated here is worth pursuing. We'll be very curious to see what Lithium Seven gets up to next.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Lithium Seven at or   Something Else Is Waiting is available from as a CD or DownloadSomething Else Is Waiting is also available from iTunes.

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